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So here's the spiel!

I bake in small quantities and generally offer cakes for pick ups on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only. I open up orders one month at a time, about one month in advance. What does this mean? If you’re interested in ordering a cake for December, for instance, check here on my website, Instagram, or newsletter in November to see when orders open.  

My menu changes all of the time, based on a combination of whim, the produce in season, and whatever my obsession is at the time. I very rarely bake with fruit out of season, and when I do its always with preserves that I’ve made myself. While I love classics like red velvet cake, doberge, and berry chantilly, you won’t find these on my menu or available for custom order. 


December orders will open soon.

Sign up for  the newsletter to be the first to learn about December available dates:

Bayou Saint Cake no longer offers custom wedding or  celebration cakes. You're more than welcome to order a cake off the menu and use it for your wedding/celebration of course :-)

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