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Ever wanted to learn how to make your own king cake? Living abroad and missing New Orleans? Celebrate Mardi Gras at home buy baking your own king cake! This is a pre-recorded king cake class that comes with a detailed written recipe for my cinnamon king cake with sour cream glaze. I go into every step in incredible detail, and include tips for customizing your king cake if you like! You'll see every step of the process, learn how to tell if your king cake is fully proofed, and even get a little Mardi Gras history lesson.

What you'll get:

  • a series of detailed videos that goes over every step.
  • a written recipe for the king cake dough, cinnamon filling, and sour cream glaze
  • Inspiration and guidance for customizing your king cake to include a range of flavors! 
  • Two bonus recipes for a Funfetti-inspired and a Panettone-inspired king cake

An Online King Cake Class for You: Recipe+ Video

Excluding Sales Tax
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